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Happy Hour Drink Deals

From 3pm until close, take advantage of our happy hour drink deals!


41 of Toronto's Best Patios for Summer 2022

Beyond BBQ

Explore our vegetarian options that deliver on grill-worthy goodness!

Foodservice and Hospitality

The Plant-Forward Dining Segment is Appealing to People from All Ages and Ethnic Backgrounds

Weekend Brunch

Come take a brekkie every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 3pm.

The Common Pie Shop

We've been working hard here at LC, building a pie-filled menu that will make weeknight dinners easy.


Order takeout or through delivery apps!

How to Cook The Best Sunday Roast

We caught up with our own Chef Ryan Lister to find out what inspired him to perfect his version of Britain's most beloved meal, as well as a few cheeky tips and tricks for home cooks.

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Toronto's Best Brewpub Patios You Need to Check Out This Summer

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