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Our DIY BBQ & Carrot Cake Pancake kits are now available!

By Liberty Commons on June 5, 2020 • News
Dish out proper pub fare at home!

Staying home = staying safe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a proper meal, or two 😉. We are happy to announce that two new Chef Kits are available for takeout and delivery! Browse our sweet and savoury options below, and place your orders today!


The perfect head start whether you’re home for the weekend, or heading to the cottage! Your BBQ arrives 10 hours into cook time: Your chicken has been brined – jerk marinated and slowly cooked, your ribs braised in cider, your sausage and brisket smoked and rested. All you have to do is pop your vacuum sealed meat into simmering water, then finish on a hot BBQ for colour and char! (Servings 2-5)

Includes: 4 chicken breasts, 1lb cooked brisket, 4 beer bratwurst, 1 full baby back rib, 1/2lb raw Ontario asparagus, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, beer + cheddar scones, mixed pickles, and fried bread and butter pudding bites with sour cherry compote

Cost: $80 without beer / $100 with 8 Big Rock Brewery beers


These LC pancakes have made quite the splash in Liberty Village, and now you can make them in your very own kitchens! A take on traditional, fluffy Canadian pancakes, fused with the awesome flavours of carrot cake, these pancakes are key for lazy Sunday mornings, or comfy cottage breakfasts. Follow the super simple cooking instructions, top ’em with our proper toppings and enjoy with the whole family! An effortless breakfast, brunch or lunch treat courtesy of LC.

Includes: pancake dry mix, pancake wet mix (including extra butter), roasted walnuts, smoked cream cheese frosting, orange segments, tea-soaked raisins, toasted coconut, and maple syrup (just in case you need it)

Cost: $12 (8 pancakes) / $20 (16 pancakes)

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