Weekend Brunch

Every Saturday & Sunday from 10am to 4pm

By Liberty Commons on February 22, 2017 • News
Fry it up, Fry it up

It’s about time you got yourself a proper brunch, available every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Ease into weekend or dehaze from the night before with a hearty late morning feast. Mop up your hangover with our full monty Brewmaster’s Breakfast, featuring bangers, rashers, sunny-side-up eggs and fried bread; or get lost in a Hollandaise with our Sunday roast inspired Yorkshire Eggs Benny. If all else fails, ride the booze cruise to victory with our easy-sipping $6 feature cocktails and Caesars.

Take a brekkie from the hustle and come cure what ales you!

Served every Saturday + Sunday from 10am-4pm
brewmaster’s Breakfast / 19.

fried eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding, mushrooms, baked beans, fried bread

Brunch Poutine / 17.

fries, jalapeño cheese curd smokie, brisket burnt ends, fried egg, red-eye gravy

Yorkshire Eggs Benny / 15.

capicola ham, Yorkshire pudding, poached eggs, BR Lager Hollandaise, home fries

Cast Iron Burnt Ends Hash / 14.

brisket + bacon burnt ends, beer-braised onions, fried egg, pickled mushrooms, russet potatoes

Mango, Grape + Avocado bowl / 13.

pressed yoghurt, spent grain granola

Chocolate Milk + Stout Pancakes / 14.

maple syrup, citrus mascarpone

Cobb Salad / 14.

pickled egg, roasted avocado, iceberg, Stilton blue cheese, charred pickles

Caesar Salad / 12.

romaine, kohlrabi, pickled egg, horseradish garlic dressing, cheddar pretzel croutons

Grilled Cheese / 12.

smoked cheddar, onion jam, Bob’s pickles, LC fries
add bacon / 3.

Charred Avocado Toast / 12.

poached eggs, arugula, grilled sourdough bread

Brunch Burger / 19.

fried egg, bacon, cheese, onion tomato relish, LC fries

Turkey Burger / 15.

avocado, dill pickle tartar sauce, LC fries

Feature Drinks / 6.
G+G Radler

Grasshopper, grapefruit [12oz]

Quintana Roo Michelada

Pilsner, Walter Caesar mix, spice, lime [5oz]


Absolut vodka or Beefeater gin, Walter Caesar mix [1oz]

Please inform us of any allergies. We will do our utmost to accommodate, though we are unable to guarantee an allergen-free kitchen.

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